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Your roof should be one of the most durable parts of your home because it is the primary provider of protection to your entire house. It is designed to survive the wear and tear for a lifetime. However, our roof is also a place for unexpected visitors like animals and pests, especially in summer. Taking this for granted now, these unwelcomed guests above will cost you expensive repairs soon. These are the most common unwelcomed guests in your roof.  

Birds are nice to see until it damages your roof. Birds make nests in your roof. This is not a problem until in damages the gutter and share with your their highly acidic droppings. Unfortunately, birds are the most common animals that get stuck in downspouts too! They are also carriers of different diseases. Thus, check your roof at least twice a year and if you see annual bird nests, remove it if you can. But we suggest you ask for a professional roof cleaning in Kent or roofing contractor. By this, you can prevent future damages in your roof.  

One of the most annoying pests are the termites because they don’t just destroy your roof, they can destroy the entire structure of your home. Repairs cause by termites is very expensive and sometimes dangerous for your household. When termites destroy your roof, it damages your defense against water causing wood to rot. Remember that rotten woods are haven for termites and eventually they will cause weakening your roof structure. 

If your think squirrels are cute in your roof, think again! Squirrels and other rodents like mice and rats are pests. These rodents are natural climbers and love all kinds of wood. Your roof has wood supports and shingles that hold it together. Thus, it will be problem if these rodents feed on them. Regular roof maintenance is a must if you are in an area with many rodents.  

Bees are not always sweet with honey because carpenter bees are busy making tunnels in your roof. Aside from the damage in the structure their hives are the favorite area for molds causing severe damage in the roof structure. These unwelcomed pests invite more, they invite birds that attends their larvae feast too! Bees stung so it is better to leave it to the experts.  

And of course, last but not the least the colony builders, the ants. As they build their colony it damages yours. If these unwelcomed guests are left, they will cause more damages. Not just in your roof but on the other parts of your house and this means money, lots of money for repair. So as early as possible, invest in hiring professional roof cleaning, once or twice a year. In the long run, you will appreciate the value and durability of your roof.  

Professional roof cleaning does not only include getting rid of pests, they also improve the appearance of your roof. They remove grime, molds and debris that could cause danger.  Your roof protects you rain or shine, do your part as an owner. Take care of it and got it covered!