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When it comes to house maintenance, we should not forget how important our roofs are. It is the very structure that protects you and your family and provides a more structural foundation to your house. There are several ways on how to take care of your roof such as regular cleaning, roof moss removal, as well as molds removal. Just like the moss, molds are extremely damaging to your roof as it blocks moisture, leading to the roof’s faster deterioration. When your roof has molded, there is a tendency that they develop holes and cracks leading to water leakage.  

The good news is, it is not difficult to remove molds on your roof. However, it is better that you prevent them from growing on your roof, and to avoid letting them be destructive to your house. Here, we will share with you some of the signs that your roof is infected wit molds.  

1. You smell some musty odor 

The problem with the molds is that is can be hard to detect with the naked eye as they might appear very small, almost impossible to see. However, even If you can’t see them, you can still smell them. This is why if you notice some musty odor that is lurking in your house, this is one of the telltale signs that you have molds in your house. Before you check your roof, you need to start with your basement, attic, walls, and then go up to your ceilings and roof, as molds can be anywhere your house especially when you have leakage on your roof and the water has already entered on the walls.  

2. You have a leaky roof 

Of course, a leaky roof is an obvious sign that there is something wrong with your roof, although this might be caused by a different issue, and not necessarily by molds. It is important to have a proper diagnosis for you to address the root problem of the roof.We highly recommend that you call a professional when it comes to checking some issues on your roof rather than checking them yourself s it can be a bit dangerous and difficult.  

Leaks are sometimes caused by improper insulation, poor roofing materials, or a damaged roof that allows for moisture and water that serves as an ideal breeding ground for molds and bacteria. When you see some discoloration on the attic or on the walls, this is a sign that you have a problem with your roof. 

3.Some signs that are observable by the eyes 

Molds are observable (not always) especially when they grow larger. They can be in a form inf different colors such as white, green, brown, or grey and black. When you see some traces of molds, it is important that you get rid of them immediately as they can cause bigger problems in the future.  

When it comes to taking off your roof, you need to make sure that it is free form microorganisms that will create more damage to your roof. Also, when you experience some issues, titis better that you let the professional provide you a clear and final diagnosis.