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When ding your roof maintenance and regular cleaning, it is not enough that you just check for dirt, mods, and stains, it is also important that you check for moss and that you remove them as soon as possible. There are several companies that will offer you roof moss removal in a very efficient way. However, if you want to remove the moss on your own, we will also gin you or tips on how to do this.  

Why do you need to remove moss as soon as possible? 

Moss, just like other plants that grow in a blanket, can create potential structural damage especially when they start to root in the roof. Also, a roof that is damp and wet may attract bacteria and molds leading to further damage in the structure. Before you try to remove the moss, it is important that you identify some methods of completely removing the moss to the root level as it becomes future to scrape them off without thoroughly removing the roots. The roots will eventually grow to another blanket of moss. Also, you will be needing to put some defensive measures t prevent moss from growing again.  

What do the experts recommend?  

When you are planning on removing moss on your roof, the experts recommend that you do it during the cloudy day as the roof cleaning solutions need to be left for up to 30 minutes so that they absorb into the moss. When you do it during the sunny days, the cleaning solution will not be fully absorbed due to quick evaporation.  

You can always remove the moss physically and manually, or you can put some chemicals. Some people even do a little bit of both to be more effective. Also take note that when removing moss, it is important that you choose the least toxic and abrasive cleaning solution as this will degrade and damage your roofing materials. Aside from harming your roof, these chemicals can have negative to the environment. When you decide on using bleach to clean the roof, make sure that you protect the nearby plants with plastic sheets to prevent them from getting damaged by the bleach.  

How to prevent moss from growing on your roof? 

There are many ways on how to prevent the moss from growing on our roof. First, you need a lot of sunshine, as moss are attracted to areas that are damp and shaded. If you have trees nearby, we suggest that you cut and trim them as they do not just allow moss growth, they also impose harm to your roof structure. Also, keep your gutters free of debris, and make sure your roof is consistently dry. Remove leaves, seedpods, and branches as this might cause decay and moisture on your roof, attracting bacteria, molds, and moss.  

When you are experiencing problems and issues on your roof, we still recommend that you contact and hire a professional roofer rather than doing the cleaning n your own as moss can be s slippery and may impose risk when cleaning.