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When it comes to your roof maintenance, there could be several potential problems such as missing shingles, dirt, molds, and moss. While molds and dirt can sometimes infest you minimally and can be cleaned easily, having moss on your roof is a different story. If you are experiencing some problems like this, there are roof moss removal companies that offer you efficient and quality roof cleaning.  

But why do we need to remove moss on our roof? Are they a threat? In this article, we will be going to share with you some of the facts that you need to know about moss especially when they grow on your roof.  

Why is Moss Dangerous to Your Roof 

Is moss dangerous to your roof? The answer is yes. Moss can severely damage your roof on different levels and in different aspects. But what is moss anyway? Moss is a type of plant that does not bear any flowers and they grow in natural environments that have enough moisture. They grow in blankets to the point they infest the whole area and can bring structural damage to where they are placed and have grown. Moss can be very nice when you see them growing in a large number on a landscape or when they cover the trees. However, moss growing on your roof needs to be taken seriously as they are not fitted to be there and can just cause damage and costly repairs. 

These mosses typically thrive in environments that are consistently damp and shaded. They establish their roots in this dampen area by getting the moisture and using it as a food source. The process itself can bring problems to your roof as the roof will begin to degrade especially when roots are spreading. Also, due to constant moisture, the area can be an ideal ground for breeding bacteria and molds. The bacteria and molds can create more damage by putting holes in your roof that leads to water leaks. Also, the roof and the moss themselves can lift singles to the point that your roof loses its protection. 

Moss has a slippery surface texture especially when wet. This becomes a dangerous element whenever your do roof maintenance and cleaning. This is why it is very important that you inspect your roof when it comes to moss growth. Do this as frequently as you can to avoid them from reproducing. 

How to remove: 

There are three different ways on how to remove moss: First, you can use your garden water or your scraper to manually remove the moss and their roots on your roof. However, this can be dangerous as this requires more time on the roof. You may also opt for a water pressure washer.  

Use bleach when cleaning the moss. Bleach is very effective in killing the moss and ensuring that they don’t grow back by destroying the roofs. However, bleach is very corrosive that it can also damage your roof in a very fast way. Also, it is a bit dangerous to use bleach if you do not wear any protective gear to protect from yourself toxic chemicals.